Meet The Team

  • Charles

      Born and raised in the small town of Alma, Michigan, Charles moved to the Phoenix area in 2003. He is very passionate about organization, a balanced checkbook, living local, his iPhone, and anything with buttons, switches, or levers (he will try them all). A bit of a wine snob, a workaholic (save the pity party and just buy him a drink), and oh yeah, and he hates bugs. Don’t bug him!

    • Phil

        If you’ve been in before, chances are you’ve seen Phil. He lives at Brand X ninety percent of his time, and with his lovely wife the other ten. Originally from the East Coast (he loves that Old Bay spice stuff), you can thank Phil for the Funk and Classic rap music on the playlist at the shop. Phil is passionate about craft beer, shopping local, living cruelty-free, and eating 100% vegan. So keep your mass-marketed “beer”, chain-restaurant “food”, and lackadaisical work habits away! A self-described cat-person, Phil is an intellectual with a heart of gold.

      • Richie

          Richie enjoys the great state of Alaska, girls that read, and the occasional plate of mahi-mahi; or just one mahi, if he’s not that hungry. When he’s not actively ignoring the 4th Fast and the Furious movie, he tries to catch up on the latest hipster nonsense — film, music, cardigans, etc. We adore the spicy flavor our little Ricardo brings to the store. Next time you’re in, ask him how his spiritual gifts involve eggs, or about his mother, Maria, whom he loves mucho mucho!

        • George

            It’s shocking! Somebody who lives here was born and raised here!? That’s George! He received his BA in Game Art/Visual Arts, it’s no wonder he swoons over all Adobe Creative Suite programs. You can either find him in the shop customizing with a fresh stack of sticky notes, or at home where there’s unlimited pizza and Netflix streaming access. Just go easy on the cheese, bad odors are the bane of his existence.

          • Alyssa

              Alyssa is our resident “hey can you make this happen” gal. All things mobile are her forte (i.e. social and events). She loves sports, coffee, and superheroes (Wham! Boom! Pow!)! However, Bozo the clown and inept workers are a big no-no, so unless you’re a busy bee, watch out for the flying batarangs. And please, please chew with your mouth closed, for her sake (and all of ours for that matter)! So stay on the grind and keep the scary clowns away to ensure all will be okay.

            • Shelby

                Shelby really loves Duke Basketball, Hummus, and lightning-speed Wifi! It’s hard to imagine a scenario with all three, but incorporate floating on a cloud with James McAvoy, and that’s Shelby’s bliss! Just beware, spiders, snakes, and lethargic workers freak her out! The best way to describe this Production Master? Let’s just say she’s a venti, iced caramel macchiato with two pumps of eccentric and an extra shot of sass! Oh and don’t forget the soy!

              • Sharlie

                  Sharlie is just as sweet as her favorite things: Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, and ice cream on a sunny day. But when the dog bites, when the bee stings, seafood, snow and waking up early make her feel sad. But then she just remembers her favorite things and then she doesn’t feel so bad.

                • Dustin

                    Dustin is working on a BSD in Graphic Design. A self-proclaimed foodie, he’s always up for a good time and a culinary adventure late into the night. Who needs a bedtime? Or allergies? Unless, like Dustin, you’re allergic to negativity! Thanks to sacred the art of Bushido, this Production Samurai has a deep appreciation for creativity and collaboration; you can find him churning out your tees with a smile.

                  • Alex

                      Like the mythical unicorn, Alex is truly a magical lady, just save her from the summer heat because she melts in the Arizona sun! Enthusiastic and full of spunk, she enjoys creating animations and 3D models. Blue christmas lights are her kryptonite and dust bunnies are her natural predator.

                    • James

                        All video games and no sleep, James burns the midnight oil consistently with at-home screen-time (it’s kind of a problem). But then he comes in to rock your monitors with his e-customization skills and everything is all good again! Thankfully, his ventures are indoor because this eJunkie can’t stand AZ summers; not to mention guys with too many feelings (i.e. Drake…). If not in his office lair or glued to his console, you’ll probably find him at home snacking in his favorite TBO sweater, just not with Red Vines, Yuck!

                      • Kevin

                          Twelve years ago Kevin came to Arizona from Seattle, Washington for college, and he never left. A stylist/art director with a flair for the unusual, he’s been designing for the entertainment magazine ION Arizona for the past ten years. He lives in downtown Phoenix with his partner Jack, and their two dogs, Brinley and Rocky. You can see more of Kevin’s work at

                        • Sam

                            Our screen printing ninja, Sam, enjoys the traditional screen-print ninja arts, as well as gaming, kittens and thai tea. She can perform every task involved in a print job in complete silence! But beware, her karate chop is deadliest when there’s a sports game showing on a Monday in the summer. Curse crazy sports fanatics in this AZ heat!

                          • Alexander

                              This dude is an Italian from San Diego, world-traveller Alexander has been to 27 different countries! While he loves America, he despises Americanized Italian restaurants (especially Buca Di Beppo) & small parties.

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